Which Snowshoes are Made in the USA?

Many customers are curious about where their snowshoes are produced, even though country of origin does not necessarily translate to a better quality product, and there are several more important factors for buying new snowshoes.

If buying local products made in the USA is important to you, then read below to find out which snowshoes are produced entirely in the United States.

Made in the USA label

Modern Snowshoes Made in the USA

In order for a product to officially meet the “Made in USA” standard, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) maintains that “the product must be all or virtually all made in the U.S.” These brands below meet this criteria.


On their company website, Mountain Safety Research (MSR) claims that “the employees of MSR proudly build every snowshoe we make. Snowshoes sold in North America and Japan are built in our factory in the US, while those sold in Europe have some final assembly done in our Cork, Ireland facility.”

MSR products are known for being some of the most rugged and high quality-built products on the market, and are designed for serious winter hikers and snowshoers.

Popular Models:


Redfeather Snowshoes is a manufacturer based out of La Crosse, Wisconsin that first started producing snowshoes in 1988 and currently advertise with the label that their products are “Handcrafted in USA.” The company is owned by a not-for-profit company named ORC Industries that provides jobs for individuals with disabilities, including at Redfeather.

Popular Models:

Dion NeviTREK

DionNeviTREK is a snowshoe manufacturer that formed from the merger of Dion Snowshoes, based out of North Bennington, VT, and NeviTREK snowshoes, based out of Delanson, NY.

All products carry the “Made in USA” label and the company promotes that all snowshoes are designed and made in either Vermont or New York.

Popular Models:

Dion QuickFit Binding/Ice Cleat – Buy on DionNeviTREK

NeviTREK Adirondack Series – Buy on DionNeviTREK

Northern Lites

Since 1992, Northern Lites has been producing some of the most lightweight snowshoes on the market. The company’s several models of snowshoes are all advertised with the “Made in USA” label.

Popular Models:

Elite – Buy on Northern Lites

Traditional Snowshoes Made in the USA

The techniques used to create wooden snowshoes have existed for decades or even centuries. Today, several individuals and companies alike continue to craft high-quality traditional snowshoes throughout the United States.

Coos Snowshoes

Run by craftsman Bill Novacek, Coos Snowshoes handcrafts wooden snowshoes that are made in Lancaster, NH. The company also produces wooden canoes and rawhide furniture. Novacek locally sources all of his materials from Coos County for which his company is named after.

Country Ways

Established in 1973, Country Ways produces handmade snowshoes that are sold throughout North America. The company is located in Minneapolis, Michigan.


Clarence Iverson began building classic wooden snowshoes back in 1954. Iverson Snowshoes has continued that tradition and continues to build snowshoes in the Michigan Upper Peninsula that are made in the USA from the company’s headquarters in Wetmore, Michigan.

Snowshoes Made in Canada

Are you wondering which snowshoes are made in Canada? For customers looking for other North American providers or products that meet the “Made in Canada” label, consider the following companies.


Headquartered in Quebec City, Faber Snowshoes has a century and a half worth of experience producing snowshoes.  

GV Snowshoes

As one of the leading North American manufacturers of snowshoes, GV Snowshoes proudly advertises that their products have been “Made in Canada” since 1959. They provide a large variety of both traditional and modern snowshoes.

IRS Supplies

The retailer of industrial forest supplies based out of Prince George, British Columbia carries a line of durable snowshoes known as the Arctic Trekker. Materials are sourced from the United States and Canada.

Visit our page Which Snowshoes are Made in Canada? for more information about Canadian-made snowshoes.

Where are Snowshoes From Other Leading Manufacturers Made?

Even though these brands may not produce their snowshoes entirely within the United States, they are still recommended for their quality and durability.

Crescent Moon

Crescent Moon in Boulder, Colorado continued to produce all of their traditional snowshoes in the USA, but several Crescent Moon snowshoes are not made in the USA as the EVA-foam used in many of their newer models required partnerships with Chinese manufacturers in order to develop.


Tubbs snowshoes, along with other snowshoes from other K2 brands such as Atlas, are no longer entirely produced in the USA. Despite a long tradition of producing snowshoes that began in 1906 in Norway, Maine, Tubbs was one of the first major snowshoe manufacturers to move production to China. 

Yukon Charlies

Yukon Charlies is another popular U.S. snowshoe producer that moved manufacturing operations to China.

Note that this is not an exhaustive list of manufacturers, so contact us to provide us with new information about other snowshoe brands.

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