Which Snowshoes are Made in Canada?

Are you wondering which snowshoes are made in Canada? Canada holds a centuries-old history of making snowshoes, and today, many customers are curious about where their snowshoes are produced. While the country of origin does not necessarily mean that the product is of superior quality, knowing that you are supporting local businesses may be an important factor for buying new snowshoes.

If buying local products made in Canada is important to you, then read below to find out which snowshoes are produced entirely in Canada and meet the “Made in Canada” label.

Made in Canada Snowshoes. Listing of which snowshoes are made in Canada

Modern Snowshoes Made in Canada


Headquartered in Quebec City, Faber Snowshoes has a century and a half worth of experience producing snowshoes. The company was founded in 1870 and states that they still “design and manufacture in Canada.”

Faber products are high quality with several different levels of functionality, from ultralight backcountry performance to recreational and kids models.

Popular Models:

GV Snowshoes

As one of the leading North American manufacturers of snowshoes, GV Snowshoes proudly advertises that their products have been “Made in Canada” since 1959. They provide a large variety of both traditional and modern snowshoes.

IRS Supplies

IRS Supplies is a retailer of industrial forest supplies based out of Prince George, British Columbia and carries a line of durable snowshoes known as the Arctic Trekker. Materials are sourced from the United States and Canada.

Traditional Snowshoes Made in Canada

GV Snowshoes

GV was already listed in the above section, but they are also one of the most reliable producers of traditional-style snowshoes made from wood in Canada.

Popular Models:

Other Canadian Snowshoe Companies and Brands

Bigfoot Snowshoes

Based out of Waterloo, Ontario, Bigfoot Snowshoes is a brand that offers budget-friendly gear such as the Adventure and Elite lineups that are intended for recreational snowshoers.

While the company works closely in the community such as offering discounted pricing for local schools and associations, Bigfoot snowshoes are not produced domestically. Instead, the company imports their products, primarily from China.

Popular Models:

Louis Garneau

Louis Garneau Sports was founded in 1983 in Québec as a cycling brand by the eponymous competitive cyclist. Since then, the brand has expanded into different products including winter sports and snowshoes, as well as opened up storefronts in the United States and Europe.

Some of their more popular models of snowshoes such as the Massif Snowshoes utilize the Boa Binding system. Other lines include the Appalaches, Blizzard, Nordik, and Première. The Garneau website also has products such as hiking poles, tip protectors, and powder baskets available for purchase.

Popular Models:

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