When is the Best Time to Buy Snowshoes?

For many in the Northern Hemisphere, the winter sports season begins in early December and tends to start winding down by mid-March. Snowfall accumulation is a highly variable and unpredictable event, which makes it challenging for snowshoers and skiers to practice their respective hobby.

There are several factors that go into buying snowshoes, but one thing to consider is when is the best time to buy. Typically, buying a new pair of snowshoes falls into one of three patterns: during the spring and summer off-season (April through November), during the lead-up to the holiday season (November through December), and during the winter sports season (January through March).

This article will walk through some of the pros and cons of buying snowshoes in each timeframe.

Best time to buy snowshoes

Buying Snowshoes in the Off-season: Great for Deals

Between spring and summertime is a great time to score a deal on savings and buy discounted snowshoes on sale. Retailers are looking to offload older inventory, especially as they prepare for new products to arrive.

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If you are shopping for the absolute best deal, it is recommended to be more flexible and begin your search early, since a particular brand or model of snowshoes might go out of stock or not get discounted as much as other products.

A small convenience about off-season shopping is having to worry less about properly storing and caring for snowshoes, as long as they are kept in their initial packaging.

One of the downsides of buying snowshoes in the offseason is that you will have to wait longer to try out your new gear.  Also, you risk inventory being low if you are searching for a particular brand or style of snowshoe equipment.

When do Snowshoe Companies Release New Products?

Manufacturers most commonly introduce new snowshoe models during the middle or end of summer through the early fall. This allows companies to market new product features in advance of the busy holiday shopping period.

For example, the Tubbs Catalog of Upcoming Season Products is typically released mid-July.

Buying Snowshoes During the Holiday Season: Great for Gifts

During the period between late November and December, the holiday season jumps into full swing. This timeframe starting on Black Friday through Christmas is well known for producing the highest sales volume for many retail goods. This is often the most exciting time to buy snowshoes and other winter sports equipment and apparel, especially as the cold weather sets in.

Snowshoes make a great gift idea for friends and families who love the outdoors, for those who struggle coming up with meaningful holiday gifts. They can also be a great addition to your own personal holiday wish list.

In recent years, purchasing snowshoes around the holidays has been difficult due to supply chain logistics issues, shipping delays, and overall high demand. Therefore, be sure to plan ahead and order as soon as possible when buying during the holiday season.

Buying Snowshoes During the Winter Season: Great for Being Introduced to the Sport

 Many people new to the sport are not thinking about winter during the hotter spring and summer months, or even during the busy holiday period. Therefore, buying snowshoes after the holiday hype dies down can still be a great time to buy snowshoes. Those who prefer in-person shopping at physical stores will appreciate the smaller crowds.

The main advantage of buying snowshoes during the middle of the season is that you’ll get to experience your own snowshoes during the middle of the season. Many areas experience frequent snowfall during January, February, March, and even into April.

During the middle of the season, you’ll be less likely to find a great deal compared to the offseason. However, you might be able to find discounted snowshoes if a retailer has more inventory than anticipated.

You might have already rented snowshoes in the past, and decided it’s time to invest in your own gear. What better way than to experience a fresh storm of powder, rather than having to wait weeks or months when winter is a dream away?

To summarize, there is no perfect time to buy snowshoes. While certain seasons might offer bigger savings or a wider selection of inventory, there are hassles that come with buying anytime. The important thing is to make sure you find a pair of snowshoes that best suit your individual needs.