Snowshoe Sales, Deals, and Discounts – Best Ways to Save Money Buying Snowshoes

Updated September 23, 2022

The end of the summer and early fall just prior to the holiday season is one of the best times to buy discounted snowshoes and save money by buying snowshoes on sale.

During this time, many retailers and suppliers are clearing out their inventories of prior season’s models in order to make room for new inventory.

Here we’ve compiled a list of savings, deals, and discounts on snowshoes from leading brands such as MSR, Tubbs, Atlas, TSL, Crescent Moon, and more!

Don’t expect these deals and savings to last long! Please contact us if any information is no longer accurate or updated.

MSR Snowshoes on Sale – Discounted Evo, Revo, and Lightning Trail Snowshoes

MSR is having a Warehouse Sale that includes significant savings on past season models of snowshoes such as the Evo, Revo, and Lightning Trail snowshoes on sale.

Subscribers can also enter their email to get an additional 10% coupon through the MSR website.

BrandModelMSRPSale PriceSavingsPurchase Link
MSREvo Trail$149.95$134.95$15.00Buy on MSR
MSRRevo Trail$199.95$179.95$20.00Buy on MSR
MSRWomen’s Revo Trail$199.95$179.95$20.00Buy on MSR
MSRWomen’s Lightning Trail$239.95$215.95$24.00Buy on MSR
MSREvo Trail Snowshoe Kit$259.95$233.95$26.00Buy on MSR
MSR Snowshoe Sale and Discounted Snowshoes

Backcountry Snowshoes on Sale – Discounted Atlas, MSR, Tubbs, and TSL Snowshoes is one of the leading online retailers of outdoor equipment, especially for hiking and winter sports. They are currently offering several snowshoe deals that includes discounts on brands such as Atlas, MSR, Tubbs, and TSL.

BrandModelMSRPSale PriceSavingsPurchase Link
AtlasHelium Trail$140.00$98.00$42.00Buy on Backcountry
MSRTyker Snowshoe – Kids’$59.95$31.91$28.04Buy on Backcountry
TubbsVertex$189.95$113.97$75.98Buy on Backcountry
TubbsVertex Snowshoe – Women’s$189.95$113.97$75.98Buy on Backcountry
TSLHighlander Access$219.95$149.96$69.99Buy on Backcountry
TSLSymbioz Hyperflex Access$229.95$157.46$72.49Buy on Backcountry Snowshoe Sale and Discounted Snowshoes

Moosejaw Snowshoes on Sale – Discounted Tubbs Snowshoes

Moosejaw is offering 40% on a few select models of Tubbs snowshoes. They also offer $10 coupon for answering a brief survey.

BrandModelMSRPSale PriceSavingsPurchase Link
TubbsWilderness Snowshoe$199.95$119.99$79.96Buy on Moosejaw
TubbsWomen’s Wilderness Snowshoe$199.95$119.99$79.96Buy on Moosejaw
TubbsYouth Glacier Snowshoe$94.95$56.99$79.94Buy on Moosejaw Snowshoe Sale and Discounted Snowshoes

Evo Snowshoes on Sale – Discounted Tubbs and TSL Snowshoes

View the Evo Snowshoes on Sale page, including deals on Tubbs and TSL Snowshoes.

BrandModelMSRPSale PriceSavingsPurchase Link
TubbsWilderness Snowshoes$199.95$159.96$39.99Buy on evo
TubbsFrontier Snowshoes$169.95$135.96$33.99Buy on evo
TubbsFrontier Snowshoes – Women’s$169.95$135.96$33.99229Buy on evo
TSLSymbioz Hyperflex Original$229.90$182.99$46.91Buy on evo
TSLHighlander Original$220.00$187.00$33.00Buy on evo
TSLHighlander Access$200.00$170.00$30.00Buy on evo Snowshoe Sale and Discounted Snowshoes

Atlas Snowshoes on Sale – Discounted Helium Trail, Access, and Mister Mort Snowshoes

Atlas is having a sale on many of their 2021 snowshoe models to clear inventory for their 2022-2023 catalogue inventory.

BrandModelMSRPSale PriceSavingsPurchase Link
AtlasHelium Trail$139.95$111.96$27.99Buy on Atlas
AtlasAccess Men’s$169.95$135.96$33.99Buy on Atlas
AtlasAccess Women’s$169.95$135.96$33.99Buy on Atlas
AtlasMister Mort Snowshoe$179.95$143.96$35.99Buy on Atlas
AtlasEcho$84.95$54.37$30.58Buy on Atlas
AtlasHelium Trail Kit$189.95$151.96$37.99Buy on Atlas
AtlasMister Mort Access Kit$254.95$203.96$50.99Buy on Atlas
Atlas Snowshoe Sale and Discounted Snowshoes

REI Snowshoes on Sale – Discounted Redfeather, Tubbs, and Atlas Snowshoes

Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI) is one of the nation’s leading suppliers of outdoor goods. They offer Redfeather, Tubbs, and Atlas snowshoes on sale.

BrandModelMSRPSale PriceSavingsPurchase Link
RedfeatherY2 Snowshoes – Kid’s$99.95$58.73$41.22Buy on REI
RedfeatherConquest Snowshoes$99.95$74.73$25.22Buy on REI
TubbsWilderness Snowshoes$199.95$144.73$55.22Buy on REI
TubbsFlex ALP Snowshoes$239.95$169.73$70.22Buy on REI
TubbsFlex TRK Snowshoes$159.95$114.73$45.22Buy on REI
AtlasHelium Trail Snowshoes$139.95$99.73$40.22Buy on REI
REI Snowshoes on Sale and Discounted Snowshoes

Other Snowshoe Sales and Discounted Snowshoes

In the retail industry, it is common to find products on sale that have minor cosmetic defects but are otherwise brand new. These products are sometimes referred to as “seconds”

Below are some additional snowshoe brands and retailers that offer snowshoes on sale – note that the products may contain minor scratches.

Although we aim to update this page regularly to help you find the best deals on snowshoes and winter gear, this page will not be exhaustive of all sales and offers. Consult our directory of snowshoe brands to find other snowshoes brands to research for savings.

Crescent Moon

Crescent Moon regularly offer the Crescent Moon Scratch & Save program through their website, which offers 10-15% off of new snowshoes with minor cosmetic scratches. The regular warranty still applies to this program.


Redfeather also offers discounts on snowshoes that have minor scratches, i.e. seconds. For instance, they offer $20.00 savings off the Men’s Hike snowshoe for the 25″ and 30″ sizes and a similar discount for the Pace snowshoe.

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