Do I Need Snowshoes with Boa Bindings?

Technology is constantly evolving in the snowshoe industry to maximize performance, comfort, and convenience. This is true even for components such as snowshoe bindings.

The Boa Fit System for snowshoe bindings is one such innovation that uses a dial-based mechanism to tighten or release the binding. While you do not need to purchase snowshoes with Boa bindings, many snowshoers prefer this system for securing and adjusting their equipment to their boots.

Tubbs Wayfinder Snowshoe with Boa Fit Binding System using dial mechanism

What is the Boa Fit Binding System for Snowshoes?

The Boa Fit System is a binding system originally was developed in 2001 as a user-friendly solution to easily adjust snowshoe boots. Since then, variations of the Boat Fit System have been developed and applied to a variety of footwear in other sports including running shoes, ski boots, hiking boots, winter runners, and more.

Boa bindings across all categories consist of three components: the dial, laces, and a lace guide. For snowshoes, this binding system differs from traditional binding systems such as a ratcheting binding system or strap-based system.

Most snowshoes that come with Boa bindings are for more advanced types of snowshoeing, such as backcountry and racing categories.


One major advantage of this type of binding is the precision to make micro-adjustments and fine-tune the fit of your snowshoes. According to Boa Fit, the components of the system are “engineered to optimize fit and provide precision, adaptability, and control.

Another reason that many snowshoers love Boa bindings is simplicity and user-friendliness. This technology makes it incredibly easy to turn a dial while still wearing a glove or mitten in the bitter cold, unlike trying to adjust other types of snowshoe bindings.

Additionally, another advantage of the Boa Fit binding system is that they are fast and allow users to quickly adjust bindings so that you can start your winter hike right away. The system also makes it easy to quickly change out of your snowshoes and boots after a long day of snowshoeing.

Finally, Boa bindings are engineered for winter conditions and built to withstand freezing temperatures while repelling ice and snow.


The Boa Fit System may not be optimal for all snowshoers. While many are very satisfied with this technology, some users have reported concerns with the long-term durability and looseness of fit with their snowshoes.

Another disadvantage is that Boa bindings are not an aftermarket solution, meaning that they cannot be added onto any existing pair of snowshoes. For instance, all MSL or Crescent Moon brand snowshoes require a differ type of binding.

Finally, price point may be another consideration, since snowshoes with the Boa Fit Binding system tend to be more expensive on average than those that use other binding systems. While the system is great for beginners, someone new to the sport might be better off saving their money for different products and gear.


Precise binding adjustments

Simple and user-friendly to use

Quickly make adjustments

Built for winter conditions

Long-term durability concerns

Only found on certain snowshoe brands

Typically found on higher price snowshoes

How to use the Boa Fit Binding System for Snowshoes

Using the Boa system is extremely easy, and only takes three simple steps to tighten and loosen snowshoes.

Step One: Push down to engage the dial

To start off, make sure that your winter boot is properly laced and positioned inside the snowshoe. Then, use your finger and push down the dial to engage the binding adjustment mechanism.

Step Two: turn the dial to tighten

Once the dial is engaged, you will turn the dial clockwise to tighten the snowshoe binding to a precision fit that feels comfortable and secure around your foot.

Step Three: pull the dial up to release

Finally, when you are done for the day, pull up the dial to release or “unlock” the binding mechanism. This will loosen the binding and allow you to remove your snowshoes.

There are replacement parts available to purchase if the dial or laces become broken or damaged.

Which Snowshoes Offer Boa Fit Binding Systems?

Although not every brand of snowshoe offers product offerings with Boa bindings, there are plenty of products that do. Atlas, Tubbs, L.L. Bean, Garneau, and TSL are the major brands that offer snowshoes with Boa Binding systems.

If you are in the market, here is a list of some snowshoes with Boa bindings.

Tubbs Snowshoes with Boa Bindings

Atlas Snowshoes with Boa Bindings

L.L. Bean Snowshoes with Boa Bindings

Garneau Snowshoes with Boa Bindings

Garneau Versant: Buy on Garneau

TSL Snowshoes with Boa Bindings

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