Best Moonlight Snowshoe Tours and Night Snowshoeing Adventures

Night hiking offers a new way to experience natural landscapes and wildlife, especially nocturnal creatures that aren’t active during the day. Experiencing winter at nighttime can let you find true solitude underneath a glisten of a star-filled sky. 

A winter hike underneath the light of a full moon is an experience like no other. The best experiences for night snowshoeing are often found in more remote areas of the country, away from cities where light pollution can dim the experience. 

For an unforgettable moonlight or midnight starlight snowshoeing adventure, consider these following tours and resorts across the United States.

Best Moonlight Snowshoeing Tours and Tips for Snowshoeing at Night

Tips for Night Snowshoeing

Follow a guide

Even trails that are familiar during the daytime can look vastly different at night. A guide will help lead the way and find suitable trails to ensure an unforgettable experience. 

Besides offering local trail safety expertise, snowshoe tour guides can offer new skills such as learning about the constellations.

Bring extra layers and warmth

Winter hiking in general requires careful attention to bring the appropriate gear and attire.

Temperatures drop even more at night time during the winter. 

Warm, synthetic clothing, waterproof boots, gloves, and a hat are essential equipment.

Let there be Light

A cold weather headlamp can help visibility on a dark night (read about our recommended best headlamp for cold weather). Make sure the battery is properly charged or replaced before venturing out.

As an alternative, some snowshoeing areas offer lantern-lit trails to provide an even more picturesque night snowshoeing experience.

Best Night Snowshoeing Tours in New England

L.L. Bean Outdoor Discovery Programs Tours in Freeport, ME and Grafton Lakes, NY

L.L. Bean Outdoor Discovery Programs offers several different courses and tour experiences for winter hikers. Generally, L.L. Bean includes equipment to borrow for guided activities but be sure to confirm with the tour guide in advance.

One moonlight snowshoe experience that they offer is a guided “Full Moon Snowshoeing Tour” from their location in Freeport, Maine. The three-hour tour begins at 6:00 PM and is offered from January through March. Participants meet at the L.L. Bean Fogg Farm and are required to be over ten years old. The price is $59.95.

Another option for an L.L. Bean night snowshoeing adventure is a three hour “Starlight Snowshoeing Tour” in Grafton Lakes, New York. This tour will take you on a traverse through some of the 250 acres of public land in Grafton Lakes State Park under winter starlight. The price for this tour is also $59.95.

Night Snowshoeing Tours in Stratton, VT

Besides being one of the most popular ski resorts in Vermont, Stratton Mountain Resort also offers less thrilling – but equally enjoyable – activities such as guided sunrise or nighttime snowshoeing trips.

The “Nordic Lights” snowshoeing tour experience around 1.5 kilometers of lantern-lit trails occurs every Saturday evening beginning in the middle of December. This snowshoeing tour costs only $25, or $35 if rentals are required.

Moonlight Snowshoe Tours in Stowe, VT

Umiak Outdoor Outfitters runs a “Moonlight Cabin Snowshoe Tour” with the opportunity to hike out to a hidden Vermont sugar shack in the woods. This three hour moonlight snowshoe tour experience in Stowe, Vermont is a great way to experience the magic of the Green Mountains.

The guided group tours begin at $69 per adult or $49 per child, but a private experience is offered for $99. After the hike to the sugar shack, participants can relax by a warm, cozy fire and partake in the pleasures of Vermont Cabot cheese and local apple cider.

Night Snowshoeing Tours in the White Mountains, NH

The historic Castle in the Clouds estate in Moultonborough, NH offers a free, self-guided “Winter Starlight Hike/Snowshoe”. Guests are encouraged to bring their own snowshoes and other equipment as they participate in a leisurely stroll around the Shannon Pond Trail.

Best Night Snowshoeing Tours on the West Coast

Night Snowshoeing Tours in Lake Tahoe

Tahoe Jack’s offers a “Starlight Snowshoe Under the Milky Way” experience in South Lake Tahoe, between California and Nevada. The three hour tour costs $110 and promises tranquility in a winter wonderland underneath the surrounding canopy of pine forest.

This experience is marketed as “easy” and accessible to any winter recreational enthusiast with moderate fitness level. Other winter adventures from Tahoe Jack’s include daylight snowshoeing tours, fatbike expeditions, and cross country skiing.

Moonlight Snowshoe Tours in Mt. Hood, OR

Rare Earth Adventures is a tour outfitter that leads guided experiences in Oregon and Washington in all seasons. During the wintertime, they offer a special “Moonlight Snowshoe” tour of Mt. Hood in addition to advanced courses such as alpine skills, winter camping, and splitboarding.

At $100, the price of this tour is steeper than others, but is an opportunity to experience one of the most stunning mountain terrains in the continental United States. Snowshoes, hot beverages, and snacks are included and the tour, which takes at least two hours to complete.